Thats me.

y0 my name is Philipp Hoffelner I was born in the 90’s and I grew up in Styria/Knittelfeld.

I live in Austria – Vienna at the moment.

I started working with Adobe Photoshop when I was 11 years old. I found a lot of inspiration on YouTube and by traveling around. I improved myself a lot in the last years. After some practise with graphic design, I decided to try some different things out, so I started with motion design a bit and I still enjoy it. When I graduated I found a lot of interest in marketing. Around 80% of my skill is self-taught. In my freetime I mostly try to get new ideas and inspirations or I try something new out by creating random things. I love skiing, going to the gym, being athletic and eSport.

From 2013-2018 I attended  and then graduated on the HTBLVA-Ortweinschule for Movie and Multimediaart in Graz.

Currently I am a student at the “Vienna university of economics and business“.

Check out some of my work!

Graphic & Web Design

logos, print jobs, web graphics and the actual design, mockups, advertisement, social media, packaging and much more.

Videos & Motion Design

video clips, advertisement, image movies, shortfilms, editing, post production, motion graphics, renderings, trailer and teaser, intros, openers and much more.


search engine optimization, brand strategies, social media care, web and landingpage design, advertising campaigns,and much more.

Graphic Design
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